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Testimonials from Gentog Clients

Everyone has a different reason for seeking help from an Adult Day Center.   Perhaps you can find a family that has similar needs to yours...and learn what Gentog means to them.

Would you like to understand the medical reasons that caregivers need Adult Day Programs like Gentog's?  Read an article from Investigage here.


Merle's Story - Dad has dementia, and I need a break.

Ernie's Story - Ernie was such a kind and gentle guy...even with dementia.  He loved attending Gentog and being with the children.

Cynthia's Story - Mom is wheelchair-bound, has dementia and requires oxygen, and she really wants to be with people.

Horacio's Story - Dad is blind, has mild dementia, and cannot be left alone while we work.

Joyce's Story - My sister is blind and brain damaged.  She needs to socialize, and I need some respite.

Karlene's Story - My wife has Early Onset Alzheimer's, and I need occasional help.

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