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Daily Schedule for the Tigers


Group Playtime in Family Room/Transitioning to classroom

8:00Free Play
9:00Outside Free Play
9:30Morning Snack

Book / Art / Puzzle Time

10:00Circle Time / Curriculum
10:45Grandparent Time
11:20Music & Movement / Story Time
12:30Nap/Rest - Lights Out
2:00Lights On!
2:30Grandparent Time
3:00Afternoon Snack
3:30Free Play / Activity with Miss Stephanie
4:00Art / Directed Play Zones
5:00Outside Free Play (Weather permitting)
5:30Limited Free Play
6:00Transition to Family Room / Prepare to go home

Miss Rachel, with the assistance of Miss Melika approach teaching by first learning about each child as an individual.  They try to learn what will pique their interest, which will help them to determine the type of learner each child is.  They do not believe in one type of teaching, as every child is different and every child learns differently. They aim to supporting all development -social, cognitive, emotional & physical.  Children learn through instructions, environment and the words of God.

The main goal of our program is to create a curriculum that will keep children actively learning throughout the day.  Every month has a special focus (space, exploration, careers, health, buiding, families, etc).  Every week they focus on a specific letter, number, word, color and shape.  Every day includes time to create art and/or a sensory project relating to the monthly topic.

Our teachers believe that these children are tomorrow's generation.  With the right love and teachings, we can help build kind, compassionate, intelligent, independent and confident adults.

Pricing for Tigers & Lions Classes (3-5 yrs):

Full Days:      Monthly:  $1050          Weekly:  $255         Daily:  $55  

​Maximum class size is 10 students.

Full-time and Part-time spaces available in this class.

Call to reserve your spot!

Tigers - Gentog Preschool Class