Daily Schedule for the Lambs


Free Play in Family Room

7:00Move to classroom
8:00Clean-up, diaper changes
8:15Free Play
9:00Circle Time / Intro to Basic Sensory Skills
9:30Morning snack
9:45Check/change diapers
10:00Art / Songs / Books / Puzzles
10:30Free Play
11:45Clean-up/change diapers
12:15Prepare for naps
2:30Lights On - Afternoon Snack
3:00Sensory Play
4:30Songs / Books / Puzzles
5:00Sensory Play

Prepare to go home

Lambs - Gentog Infants and Toddlers Class

The experiences of infants during their early months of life are crucial to brain development.  Working together,  our teachers give the Gentog infants and toddlers lots of personal attention.  They encourage interactions between the children, and help them learn to share and to use gentle hands with their friends.  Babies develop intellectual and social skills through singing, playing, sharing books and observing their teachers.  

Time with the grandparents for our infants happens organically.  If a baby is not sleeping during naptime, they join a teacher in the family room for rocking.  If that happens during our Seniors' lunch, there is often a detour through the cafe to say hello.  Neighborhood walks include a stroll past the seniors to wave.  

When asked to describe the class, Miss Matty says that their  "Lambs" are just a fun, lovable group.  Mattie is helped daily by Miss Mirelli and Miss Mona.  They love those babies!   Wouldn't it be lovely to have your little one join the class?

Pricing for Lambs (6 wks-23 months)

Tuition for full time students is $1700/month.   

We are currently at capacity in this class.  We may have openings in Spring 2023.   We are not taking applications for this age group at this time.


11535 SW Durham Rd #C5  Tigard, OR  97224