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Daily Schedule for the Bears


Group Playtime in Family Room

7:30Breakfast/Free Play
8:30Circle Time (Days, Months, Counting, Stretching, Bible Story, Alphabet)
8:45Creative Activity
9:15Clean Up & Snack
9:50Outside/Movement Time
10:45Grandparent Time
11:15Bed Setup /Lunch

Bathroom & Book Time



2:00Lights On / Bathroom / Quiet Activities
2:45Grandparent Time
3:15Free Play
3:30Outside/Movement Time
4:00Creative Time/Free Play
6:00Transition to Family Room / Prepare to go home

Bears - Gentog's 2 Year Old Class

Miss Caitlyn and Miss Matty are in charge of our 2 year old class.  Our toddler curriculum is Christian based, and focuses on helping the children to grow in confidence and to practice both large and small motor skills.  At this age we introduce numbers, letters, colors and shapes.  It's always amazing to see how quickly toddlers learn.  With lots of reading and singing, the children begin to use their words to form longer sentences.  Group games provide toddlers with a sense of identity and their place in the bigger world.  Games also provide opportunity to reinforce sharing, being nice and how to get along with others.  

Our two year olds are introduced to more formal visiting with the grandparents of Gentog.  Every day they spend 15-20 mintues in the morning and in the afternoon on an activity with the grandparents (usually music, reading or a game).

This group is very active, full of life and love, eager to learn and to please.  Being two is a very special time at Gentog!

Pricing for Bears Class (Ages 24-35 months)

Full Days:  ​    Monthly:  $1404         Weekly:  $330         Daily:  $70

Limit of 10 children in this class.  

Heading into Fall, we have openings in this group.

Call to reserve your space!

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